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Meal Planning; Fish recipes

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Meal Planning; Fish recipes

I like fish quite a lot, it’s quick cooking, not overly expensive, lends itself to many different Global flavours, and is easy to find.  However,  when I’m meal planning, I often skip over fish recipes.  I don’t know why?  Actually, I do know why.  Fish has a short shelf life,  always best eaten on day 1 or 2 at most after purchase, I feel like it’s a big commitment!

Although I meal plan regularly using my Meal Planning Bingo card system,  life happens, and menu’s change, so I worry that I won’t cook the fish and it will go bad.   I’ve decided that just because I prefer to cook fresh fish, it’s okay to freeze it, if you know, LIFE happens.

So, with that in mind, I’m sharing here  recipes that will taste good with FRESH or FROZEN fish fillets.  These recipes feature three different kinds of fish, Salmon, Cod & Cat Fish and all showcase unique flavours that will keep your meal planning menu interesting.

TIP:  Forget to defrost your fish?  NO PROBLEM!   You can cook most fish while it’s frozen.  Baked, pan fried, and steaming work best.  Battering it however won’t work as the batter won’t stick to the frozen fish fillet. 

Meal Planning; Fish recipes

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