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30 Day Meal Planning Challenge; Fall Food

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30 Day Meal Planning Challenge; Fall Food

Recently I saw something on Facebook that said, ‘The hardest part about being an adult is having to decide what was for dinner…every single day.’  I know I’ve been there! I’ve also been in the position of rotating the same 4-6 meals constantly. And, if we are being totally honest (we are all friends here right?), we’ve eaten out several times a week just because truthfully, I had no clue what to make.    STOP NOW and PIN this page now, you can thank me later! 


30 Day Meal Planning Challenge with Love on a Plate


My friends, no more!  Meal planning is a great way not only to save money, reduce the amount to time you live, I mean visit, the grocery store, but also to get some variety in your meal plan rotation.  And this Meal Plan Challenge is perfect for helping you to not only plan out your meals, but to do so quickly and easily.  

What is the Meal Planning Challenge?

The Meal Planning Challenge is designed to help you easily plan out your next 30 dinners.  Each day has a menu theme to help you quickly find a dinner to make.  

How does the Meal Planning Challenge work?

The goal of the Meal Planning Challenge was to make dinners as easy as possible.  Start by printing the Meal Planning Challenge sheet as well as a menu and grocery list.  Then, sit down and get to planning! Each bubble on the challenge has a dinner theme (for example Italian night).  Then, on your menu you would write down a meal using that theme (example, Chicken and Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo) And finally, on your grocery list, write down the ingredients you need to pick up to make the meal.  Continue working until your menu is filled.  

Having the dinner themes makes coming up with different dinner ideas super easy.  And if you aren’t sure what to make,  we will have lots of suggestions sent daily.  You can also follow my Pinterest board for more fabulous ideas.

We’re going to be running the 30 Day Meal Plan Challenge LIVE and Interactive launching September 27th and running from  October 1-31st

All you have to do is make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to the Love on a Place site, and we will get you on the email list!   You should also Join the Love on a Plate Facebook Community Kitchen, lots will be going on over there

So what does all this look like?  Let’s get to the Main Dish!  

How to I join the 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge

Subscribe now so that on September 27th you will get the Launch email with all the FREE downloadable Printables.

Sept 29th @11am Live Q&A with Lara on the Facebook Page

October 1st we start!  (and I’ll be LIVE) sharing some of what I’m cooking. 

Everyday day from Oct 1-31st you will get one email from the Meal Planning Challenge.  We will be sharing recipe recommendations, Meal Planning and Meal Prep tips, and all kinds of other goodies relating to that days challenge.   Some will be tried and true recipes you may have seen or tried from Love on a Plate, and others will be BRAND new releases!


Every Friday you’ll get a list of recipes that I’m using on my meal plan, for the coming week, plus a downloadable grocery list,   Recipes that I’m cooking will be available on the blog each Friday as well.  And, that’s not all, you can create your own Meal Plan Collection and adjust the servings.

Once a week I’ll be LIVE on Facebook to check in, do some cooking and have a little fun with you all.  If you miss the LIVE you can always watch the replay on Facebook or YouTube 


They beauty of this challenge is you don’t have to use the recipes I’m cooking, but you CAN if you want!   Because you have the whole LIST of what the focus is each day, you can make your own plan that suits your family.   A handy Meal Planning printable like this one will be available at launch.

What are some of the 30 daily dinner themes on the Meal Planning Challenge?

  • Sheet Pan night
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Grill Night
  • Casserole night
  • the rest is top secret!


You can add more things like leftover night or take out nights if you wish.  And don’t forget about family favorites! Maybe your family loves Indian or a specific dinner dish, make your menu something that works for your family!    

The 30 Day Meal Plan Challenge will have you thinking about Meal Planning in a totally new way.  If you haven’t yet, now’s the time.   Subscribe now to the Love On a Plate 30 Day Meal Plan Challenge !!


You can see some of my Meal Plans here if you need some ideas before the 30 Day Meal Challenge starts at Love on A Plate. 


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