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Summer Sides – Sweet & Spicy Coleslaw


The term Lazy Days of Summer sure doesn’t apply at our house!  I actually think our schedules are even tougher as everyone is all over the place… Summer School, Camps, Vacations, Kids work schedules, and on and on and on…..

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Sweet & Spicy Coleslaw

Somehow I always get excited at the end of the school year that I DON’T have to make any more lunches, and then a week into July, I’m totally back into Meal Prepping and Planning,

This Summer I’ve been stocking the fridge with an assortment of  homemade sides instead of the standard tub o’ salad from the store!    Now that being said, it seems that no one but Mom, can actually make small lunch sized containers of food to take on the run,  so I’m just surrendering and going to make them into individual portions as I prepare them… *lol*